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2018-19, Making Worlds Core Program, UCLA Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies & William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Program Details


francken allegory.jpg

Allegory on Emperor Charles V's Abdication in Brussels

Frans Francken the Younger

c. 1630 - 1640

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands




Making Worlds Symposium


An interdisciplinary symposium in collaboration with the Making Worlds: Art, Materiality, and Early Modern Globalization research project, together with the UCLA Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies & William Andrews Clark Memorial Library


May 2, 2019

Royce Hall 306, UCLA




9:15 a.m.         Morning Coffee and Registration


9:45 a.m.         Bronwen Wilson, University of California, Los Angeles

                          Angela Vanhaelen, McGill University


Session 1: Making


10:00 a.m.       Morgan Ng, Getty Museum 

  "On the Potentials and Limits of Material Flow: Geographies of Early Modern Architectural Glass"


10:15 a.m.       Karime Castillo Cárdenas, University of California, Los Angeles

  “Glass in New Spain: Global Influences and Technological Adaptation"


10:30 a.m.       Randall Meissen, University of Southern California

                         “Making Candles in a New World of Bees: Indigenous Apiculture, Natural History, and the Spanish

  Colonial Beeswax Trade"

10:45 a.m.       Q & A

11:05 a.m.       Break

Session 2: Representations of Worlds and Bodies

11:20 a.m.       Mayra Cortes, University of California, San Diego

  "'Utopia' - Making of the Moon and the 'New World' in Juan Maldonado's Somnium"


11:35 a.m.       Sarah Carter, McGill University

  “Negotiating Cultural Difference: Indian Antiquities in Richard Payne Knight's A Discourse on the

  Worship of Priapus"

11:50 a.m.       Q & A

12:10 p.m.       Esteban Crespo-Jaramillo, Yale University

  "Cervantes, Guevara, and Marino: Male Power(less) Beauty in the Spanish Worlds"


12:25 p.m.       Miranda Saylor, University of California, Los Angeles

  “Cristobal de Villalpando's Virgen de Soledad in Puebla de los Ángeles"

12:40 p.m.       Q & A

1:00 p.m          Lunch


Session 3: Materials


2:30 p.m.         Braden Scott, McGill University

  "'The Stone is the Message': Egyptian Granite Across Architectural Media"


2:45 p.m.         Willemijn van Noord, University of Amsterdam

  “From Foreign Script to New Motif: Pseudo-Chinese Characters on Seventeenth-Century Dutch

  Delftware and the Materiality of 'Chineseness'"

3:00 p.m.         Susan Eberhard, University of California, Berkeley

                         “Six-Sided Globe: A Prehistory of the English Silver Teapot, c. 1682"

3:15 p.m.         Q & A

3:35 p.m.         Break

Session 4: Movement


3:50 p.m.         Maggie Mansfield, University of California, Santa Barbara

  "Through Dutch Eyes: European Editorialization of Indian Religions and Rituals"


4:05 p.m.         Cynthia Kok, Yale University

  “'Bizarre' Aesthetics: Japanese Influence in the Making of Dutch-American Merchant Identity"

4:20 p.m.         Philip Ninomiya, University of California, Irvine

                         “Gatekeepers to the World: The Encomenderos of Seventeenth-Century Acapulco"

4:35 p.m.         Q & A

5:00 p.m.         Reception

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