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RSA New Orleans

Thursday, March 22 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Hilton Riverside, 1st Level | Grand Salon Breakout 13 

Worlding the Early Modern: Case Studies in Visual and Material Culture


Organizers: Tomasz Grusiecki (Central European University) & Ivana Vranic (University of British Columbia) 

Chair: Bronwen Wilson (University of California, Los Angeles) 

Initiated by the Making Worlds Project, which investigates recent questions posed by the global turn in the humanities, this panel engages with the representational and conceptual ways in which the world was conceived, imagined and inscribed between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. Through representing and observing foreign artefacts, early modern artists, collectors, and beholders were in fact bringing the world nearer to them. Taking cue from Martin Heidegger’s concept of worlding, that is, as an ontological process of bringing-near—or thinging—the world, papers in this panel examine objects through which early modern Europeans and Asians sought to bring the world closer to themselves. 



Angela Ho (George Mason University) |"The World is an Exotic Place: Cross-Cultural Imitation in a Defltware Tile Tableau in the Rijksmuseum" 

Erin Benay (Case Western Reserve University) | "Fabricating 'India' in Grand Ducal Florence" 

Samuel Luterbacher (Yale University) | "Surfaces for Reflection: East Asian Namban Lacquer in the Iberian World" 

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, Satirical rebus depicting a Spaniard and a Frenchman tearing a globe in half, reads "Sol e per questo il mondo in armi e in fuoco," 1692. Etching, 1.54 x 2.03 cm. The British Museum, London. Reg. no. 1852, 0612.607. Artwork in the public domain; © Trustees of the British Museum.

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