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Making Worlds: Global Invention in the Early Modern Period, University of Toronto Press, 2022


Edited by Angela Vanhaelen and Bronwen Wilson

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations





Chapter 1, Angela Vanhaelen and Bronwen Wilson


Part I: Material Flows


The Early Modern Fold: Pleated Media in Japan’s Encounter with Europe

Chapter 2, Kristopher Kersey  


From Textile to Text: Cloth, Slavery, and the Archive in the Dutch Atlantic 

Chapter 3, Carrie Anderson


Drawing Worlds in Smoke, Powder, and Fumes: Bodies and Trifles in Il Tabacco, the Courtly Ballet Staged in Turin (1650)

Chapter 4, Elisa Antonietta Daniele


From Hot Reverence to Cold Sweat: Christian Art and Ambivalence in Early Modern Japan 

Chapter 5, Benjamin Schmidt


Eggs, Cheese, and (Francis) Bacon 

Chapter 6, Helen Smith 


Part II: In Between Spaces


The Cabinet and the World: Non-European Objects in Early Modern European Collections

Chapter 7, Daniela Bleichmar


Le Jeu du monde: Games, Maps, and World Conquest in Early Modern France

Chapter 8, Ting Chang  


The World Contained in an Imperial Ottoman Album

Chapter 9, Emine Fetvaci


World Building, the Folger Folios, and the University of British Columbia

Chapter 10, Patricia Badir  


Part III: Other Worlds


Ascetic Ecology: Landscape of a Desert Saint

Chapter 11, Lyle Massey


The End of All: Worldliness, Piety, and The Social Life of Maps in the Post-Reformation English Household 

Chapter 12, Gavin Hollis


Enlightenment Cosmology: A Medialogical Interpretation 

Chapter 13, J.B. Shank


Masked Alliances: Global Politics and Economy in the Art and Performance Rituals of Mexico’s Indigenous People

Chapter 14, John M.D. Pohl and Danny Zborover


Unease with the Exotic: Ambiguous Responses to Chinese Material Culture in the Dutch Republic

Chapter 15, Thijs Weststeijn

Journal of Early Modern History

Volume 23: Issue 2-3 (May 2019): Special Issue: Making Worlds: Art, Materiality, and Early Modern Globalization

Table of Contents 


Bronwen Wilson and Angela Vanhaelen, “Introduction: Making Worlds: Art, Materiality, and Early Modern Globalization,” 103–120. 


Saygin Salgirli, “Soap Bars and Silk Cocoons: Microecologies of Connectivity in Late Medieval Mediterranean Architecture,” 121–151.


Samuel Luterbacher, “Surfaces for Reflection: Nanban Lacquer in the Iberian World,” 152–190.


David Young Kim, “Points on a Field: Gentile da Fabriano and Gold Ground,” 191–226. 


Angela Vanhaelen, “Mapping Angels in Early Modern Amsterdam,” 227–256.


Elizabeth Horodowich and Alexander Nagel, “Amerasia: European Reflections of an Emergent World, 1492-ca. 1700,” 257–295.

Tomasz Grusiecki, "Michał Boym, the Sum Xu, and the Reappearing Image," 296–324. 

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