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Miriana Carbonara

Conversions in the Early Modern Period Fellow, CRASSH - University of Cambridge (Lent 2018)

Miriana Carbonara holds a PhD in Art History from the University of East Anglia, with a specialization in the visual and material culture of early modern Italy. Her doctoral dissertation, "Between cartography and representation: borders and maps of early modern Bologna and Modena," examines the uncertainties, contradictions, and complexities of defining a border by water between two distinct early modern polities--the papal States and the Este State--and the discourses that accompanied this process. Miriana's thesis demonstrates the potential of borders themselves to subvert official definitions of authority as well as geographical constraints, introducing concepts of mutability and conversion. 

Miriana is a Conversions in the Early Modern Period Fellow at CRASSH - University of Cambridge in Lent 2018. Her present research project, "Fluid Spaces: Representing, Crossing and Experiencing the Frontier in the Early Modern Period" explores both the intertwined dynamics and complex aesthetics at work in a large body of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century cartographic material. The book is configured as a study of the conceptually and geographically fluid borders as represented across a wide variety of media, engaging with questions of mobility, uncertainty and ambiguity in early modern cartographic and visual forms. 

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